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China Hotels are our specialty. From budget to the most luxurious, for business travelers or vacationers we provide the key to the best deals on China Hotels. Choose from 283’s of China Hotels that have been selected to meet our high standards while getting the best rates available. Book your China Hotels through our experienced travel advisors and pay using our secure online payment facilities.
Beijing Hotels
The Jianguo Hotel Beijing ★★★★
Howard Johnson Paragon Hotel Beijing ★★★★
Prime Hotel Beijing ★★★★★
The Great Wall Sheraton Hotel Beijing ★★★★★
Grand View Garden Hotel Beijing ★★★★
Shanghai Hotels
Oriental Riverside Hotel Shanghai ★★★★★
The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Shanghai ★★★★★
Grand Hyatt Hotel Shangai ★★★★★
The Bund Hotel Shanghai ★★★★
Jiulong Hotel Shanghai ★★★
Chongqing Hotels
Chongqing Garden Hotel ★★★★
Harbour Plaza Chongqing ★★★★★
JW Marriott Hotel Chongqing ★★★★★
Hilton Chongqing Nanshan Resort and Spa ★★★★★
Hilton Chongqing Hotel ★★★★★
Tianjin Hotels
Tianjin Hopeway Business Hotel Tianjin ★★★★
Astor Hotel Tianjin ★★★★
Renaissance Tianjin TEDA Hotel & Convention Centre ★★★★★
Guangzhou Hotels
China Hotel, A Marriott Hotel, Guangzhou ★★★★★
Asia International Hotel Guangzhou ★★★★★
Ramada Plaza Guangzhou ★★★★★
Rosedale Hotel & Suites Guangzhou ★★★★
Riverside Hotel Guangzhou ★★★★
Chengdu Hotels
Shangri-La Hotel Chengdu ★★★★★
Jinjiang Hotel ★★★★★
Sheraton Chengdu Lido Hotel ★★★★★
Garden City Hotel Chengdu ★★★
Kempinski Hotel Chengdu ★★★★★
Hong Kong Hotels
The Royal Pacific Hotel and Towers Kowloon, Hong Kong ★★★★
Renaissance Harbour View Hotel Hong Kong ★★★★
City View Hotel Hongkong ★★★
Renaissance Kowloon Hotel Hong Kong ★★★★
REGAL ORIENTAL Hotel Hong Kong ★★★★
Emeishan Hotels
Emeishan Grand Hotel Emeishan ★★★★
Hongzhushan Hotel Emeishan ★★★★★
Huasheng Hotel Emeishan ★★★★
Teddy Bear Hotel Emeishan Inn
Yaan Hotels
Beite Moon Star Hotel Yaan ★★★★
Jiuzhaigou Hotels
Sheraton Jiuzhaigou Resort Jiuzhaigou ★★★★★
Gesang Hotel Jiuzhaigou ★★★★
Jiuzhai Paradise Holiday Resort ★★★★★
Zigong Hotels
Huidong Hotel Zigong ★★★★
Hailuogou Hotels
Gongga Miraculous Fount International Sanatorium Center ★★★★
Mianyang Hotels
Fule Jiuzhou International Hotel Mianyang ★★★★★
Mianzhou Hotel Mianyang ★★★★
Kunming Hotels
Camellia Hotel, Kunming ★★★
Green Lake Hotel Kunming ★★★★★
Kunming Hotel Kunming ★★★★
Grand Park Hotel Kunming ★★★★★
New Era Hotel Kunming ★★★★
Guiyang Hotels
Trage-Point Hotel Guiyang ★★★★
Ramada Plaza Guiyang ★★★★
Regal Hotel Guiyang ★★★★
Miracle Plaza Hotel Guiyang ★★★★
Shengfeng Hotel Guiyang ★★★★★
Dali Hotels
Regent Hotel Dali ★★★★★
Shangri-La Hotels
Banyan Tree Ringha ★★★★★
Pacific Rim Hotel Shangri-La ★★★
Guanguang Hotel Shangrila / ★★★★
Gyalthang Dzong Hotel Shangri-La ★★★★★
Holy Palace Hotel Shangri-La ★★★★
Kaili Hotels
Grand Dragon Hotel Kaili ★★★★
Lhasa Hotels
Tibet Hotel Lhasa ★★★★
Four Points by Sheraton Lhasa ★★★★
Thangka Hoel Lhasa ★★★
The Tibet Gang-gyan Lhasa Hotel ★★★★
Shangbala Hotel Lhasa ★★★
Nyingtri Hotels
Nyingtri Fujian Hotel ★★★★
Shangpala Hotel Nyingtri ★★★★
Macau Hotels
The Westin Resort, Macau ★★★★★
Guilin Hotels
Yuzi Paradise Hotel Guilin ★★★★★
Sheraton Hotel Guilin ★★★★★
Lijiang Waterfall Hotel Guilin ★★★★★
Universal Hotel Guilin ★★★
Guishan Hotel Guilin ★★★★
Tsedang Hotels
Tsedang Hotel Tsedang ★★★★
Yulong Holiday Hotel Tsetang ★★★
Gyangtse Hotels
Gyangtse Hotel Gyangtse ★★★
Lhatse Hotels
Shanghai Hotel Lhatse ★★★
Shigatse Hotels
Jiumuyamei International Hotel Shigatse ★★★★
Shigatse Hotel Shigatse ★★★
Shandong Hotel Shigatse ★★★
Manarsarova Hotel Shigatse ★★★
Nanjing Hotels
Jinling Hotel Nanjing ★★★★★
Nanjing Grand Hotel Nanjing ★★★★★
Sheraton Nanjing Kingsley Hotel & Towers ★★★★★
Crowne Plaza Nanjing Hotel & Suites ★★★★★
Ramada Plaza Nanjing ★★★★
Lijiang Hotels
Guanfang Hotel Lijiang ★★★★★
Lijiang Treasure Harbour International Hotel Lijiang ★★★★★
Liwang Hotel Lijiang ★★★★
Banyan Tree Lijiang ★★★★★
Sanhe Hotel Lijiang ★★★
Xining Hotels
Yinlong Hotel Xining ★★★★★
Xiadu Hotel Xining ★★★
Qinghai Hotel Xining ★★★★
Xining Mansion Xining ★★★★
Dynasty Holiday Hotel Xining ★★★★
Kashgar Hotels
Barony Hotel Kashgar ★★★★
Seman Hotel Kashgar ★★★
Qiniwake Hotel Kashgar ★★★
Korla Hotels
Silver Star Hotel ★★★★
Urumqi  Hotels
Mirage Hotel Urumqi ★★★★★
Sanya Hotels
Cactus Resort Sanya ★★★★
Sheraton Sanya Resort ★★★★★
Resort Horizon Sanya ★★★★★
The Ritz-Carlton Sanya ★★★★★
Gloria Resort Sanya ★★★★★
Haikou Hotels
Golden Coast Lawton Hotel Haikou ★★★★★
Huandao Tide Hotel Haikou ★★★★★
Baohua Harbour View Hotel Haikou ★★★★
Sheraton Haikou Resort ★★★★★
Xinglong Hotels
Kangle Garden HNA Resort Hainan ★★★★★
Shenzhen Hotels
Wuzhou Guest House ★★★★★
Grand Mercure Oriental Ginza Shenzhen ★★★★★
Best Western Shenzhen Felicity Hotel ★★★★★
Shangri-La Hotel Shenzhen ★★★★★
Kempinski Hotel Shenzhen ★★★★★
Suzhou Hotels
Shangri-La Hotel Suzhou ★★★★★
Sheraton Suzhou Hotel & Towers ★★★★★
Suzhou Hotel Suzhou ★★★★
Changmen Hotel Suzhou ★★★
Pingjiang Lodge Suzhou ★★★★
Yangzhou Hotels
Metropark Hotel Yangzhou ★★★★
Wuxi Hotels
Ramada Encore Hotel Wuxi ★★★★
Wuxi International Hotel ★★★★
Shaoxing Hotels
Qinwang Hotel Shaoxing ★★★★
Fuzhou Hotels
Lakeside Hotel Fuzhou ★★★★★
Hot Spring Hotel Fuzhou ★★★★★
Apollo Hotel Fuzhou ★★★★★
Sunshine Holiday Hotel Fuzhou ★★★★
Xiamen Hotels
Powerlong Hotel Xiamen ★★★★★
No.99 Binhu East Road, Haicang District ★★★★★
Yeohwa Hotel Xiamen ★★★★★
Sheraton Xiamen Hotel ★★★★★
Ramada Hotel Xiamen ★★★★
Shenyang Hotels
Sunrise Hotel Shenyang ★★★★★
Holiday Inn Shenyang ★★★★
Golden Hotel Shenyang ★★★★
Changsha Hotels
Huatian Hotel Changsha ★★★★★
Dolton Hotel Changsha ★★★★★
Sheraton Changsha Hotel ★★★★★
Hunan Furama Hotel Changsha ★★★★
Hunan Bestride Hotel Changsha ★★★★★
Zhangjiajie Hotels
Kaitian International Hotel Zhangjiajie ★★★★
Pipaxi Hotel Zhangjiajie ★★★★
Wulingyuan International Resort Zhangjiajie ★★★★★
Wuyishan Hotels
Yeohwa Resort Wuyishan ★★★★★
Wangfeng Garden Hotel Wuyishan ★★★★
Huangshan Hotels
Huaxi Hotel Tunxi ★★★
International Hotel Huangshan ★★★★
Beihai Hotel Huangshan ★★★★
Paiyunlou Hotel Huangshan ★★★
Dunhuang Hotels
Hefei Hotel
Peace Hotel Hefei ★★★★
Hilton Hefei Hotel ★★★★★
Taiyuan Hotels
Shanxi Grand Hotel Taiyuan ★★★★
Hangzhou Hotels
Four Points by Sheraton Hangzhou, Binjiang ★★★★
World Trade Center Grand Hotel Hangzhou ★★★★★
Wuyang Holiday Hotel Hangzhou ★★★★
Radisson Plaza Hotel Hangzhou ★★★★★
Lily Hotel Hanzghou ★★★
Ningbo Hotels
Sheraton Ningbo Hotel ★★★★★
Ningbo World Hotel Ningbo ★★★★
Zhengzhou Hotels
Holiday Inn Zhengzhou ★★★★
Xinhua Jianguo Hotel Zhengzhou ★★★★
Sofitel Zhengzhou International Hotel ★★★★★
Yuda Palace Hotel Zhengzhou ★★★★★
Yangshuo Hotels
Yangshuo Snow Lion Riverside Resort Inn
Dragon River Retreat Yangshuo Inn
Yangshuo Mountain Retreat Inn
New West Street International Hotel Yangshuo ★★★★
New Century Hotel Yangshuo ★★★★
Luoyang Hotels
New Friendship Hotel Luoyang ★★★
Huayang Plaza Hotel Luoyang ★★★★★
Jiang'an Peony Plaza Luoyang ★★★★
Chengde Hoetls
Yunshan Hotel Chengde ★★★★
Putuoshan  Hotels
Putuoshan Hotel Putuoshan ★★★★
Shijiazhuang Hotels
Hebei Century Hotel Shijiazhuang ★★★★★
World Trade Plaza Hotel Shijiazhuang ★★★★★
Haerbin Hotels
Zhengming Jinjiang Hotel Harbin ★★★★
Shangri-La Hotel Harbin ★★★★★
Kunlun Hotel Haerbin ★★★★
Nanchang Hotels
Jinfeng Hotel Nanchang ★★★★
Jiangxi Hotel Nanchang ★★★★★
Jinan Hotels
Shandong Hotel Jinan ★★★★★
Sofitel Jinan Silver Plaza ★★★★★
Nanning Hotels
Mingyuan Xindu Hotel Nanning ★★★★★
Xiang Yun Hotel Nanning ★★★
Jinhua Hotel Guangxi Nanning ★★★★
Grand Sun Hotel Dunhuang ★★★★
Xi'an Hotels
Bell Tower Hotel Xi'an ★★★★
Shangri-La Golden Flower Xi'an ★★★★★
Sheraton Hotel Xi'an ★★★★★
Sofitel on Renmin Square Xi'an ★★★★★
Melody Hotel Xian ★★★
Weihai Hotels
Haiyue Jianguo Hotel Weihai ★★★★
Changchun Hotels
Redbuds Hotel Changchun ★★★★★
Shangri-La Hotel Changchun ★★★★★
Taishan Hotels
Taishan International Hotel ★★★★
Huaqiao Hotel Tai'an ★★★★
Qingdao  Hotels
Shangri-La Hotel Qingdao ★★★★★
Dongfang Hotel Qingdao ★★★★
Huanhai Gloria Inn Qingdao ★★★★
Huanghai Hotel Qingdao ★★★★
Crowne Plaza Hotel Qingdao ★★★★★
Dengfeng Hotels
HNA ZEN Hotel at Shaolin Temple ★★★★
Wuhan Hotels
New World Hotel Wuhan ★★★★★
Asia Hotel Wuhan ★★★★
Dalian Hotels
Kempinski Hotel Dalian ★★★★★
Shangri-La Hotel Dalian ★★★★★
Wanda International Hotel Dalian ★★★★
Swiss Hotel Dalian ★★★★★
Furama Hotel Dalian ★★★★★
Jingdezhen Hotels
Kaimenzi Hotel Jingdezhen ★★★★
Yantai Hotels
Asia Hotel Yantai ★★★★
Yinchuan Hotels
Ningxia International Hotel Yinchuan ★★★★★
Haiyue Jianguo Hotel ★★★★
Apollo Hotel Yinchuan ★★★★
Pingyao Hotels
Changyifeng Hotel Old City Pingyao Inn
Yunjincheng Hotel Pingyao ★★★★★
Hongshanyi Hotel Pingyao ★★★★★
Dejuyuan Hotel Pingyao Inn
Cui Chenghai Hotel Pingyao ★★★★
Datong Hotels
Yungang International Hotel Datong ★★★★★
Tiangui International Hotel Datong ★★★★★
Garden Hotel Datong ★★★★
Datong Hotel Datong ★★★★
Huhhot Hotels
Inner Mongolia International Hotel Huhhot ★★★★
Inner Mongolia Hotel Huhhot ★★★★★
Zhaojun Hotel Huhhot ★★★
Binyue Hotel Huhhot ★★★★
Shangri-La Hotel Huhhot ★★★★★
Lanzhou Hotels
Legend Hotel Lanzhou ★★★★
Jiayuguan Hotels
Huayuan Hotel Jiayuguan ★★★★
Xiahe Hotels
Labrang Baoma Hotel Xiahe Inn
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