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Labrang Baoma Hotel Xiahe
Address: No. 77 West Renmin Road, Labrang Town

▲Brief Introduction

Labrang Baoma Hotel, which is located between the centre of Xiahe county and the famous Labrang monastery, is managed by the local Tibetans. The place, where the hotel is located, was called Labrang Tshongra (the famous Labrang shopping center in the late Qing dynasty).Labrang Baoma Hotel bears a unique Tibetan architectural style and take on a full-bodied Tibet architectural characteristic.

The hotel has 26 standard guest rooms and 13 ordinary guest rooms. Its two dining rooms has 60 dining places and provide all kinds of Tibetan foods, Sichuan dishes and western foods. The hotel has a meeting room, a taproom and a net bar. It can receive the visiting group of 40 persons. At the same time it can help the guests hire the cars and ciceroni, wash clothes and buy something, etc.

The hotel preferentially receives the inland young people who love the Tibetan cultures and go on a tour of the Tibetan places by self-help. It also gladly provides the messages of Labrang monastery holy things and all kinds of the advertent proceedings about the Buddhism ceremonies, such as the consecration and benediction ceremonies. We would pray, with pleasure, for the heavenly-minded who finds his own interior karma in the holy place.


Labrang Baoma Hotel Xiahe / 拉卜楞宝马宾馆
No. 77 West Renmin Road, Labrang Town / 夏河县拉卜楞镇人民西街77号
Tel: 0086-941-7121078

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