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Pingjiang Lodge Suzhou
Address: 33 Niu Jia Xiang, Ping Jiang Qu

▲Brief Introduction

Pingjiang Lodge is a new Culture Hotel rebuilt according to 4-star hotel standard.  Located in the Suzhou Pingjiang District, the Lodge is converted from Suzhou ancient complex of houses in Si-jin style (literally means "four times of entry), a traditional Chinese architecture that contains different compounds of courtyards and rooms to form a main axle. It was once the Residence of the Fang Family in the Ming Dynasty. Constructed in the old Suzhou style in the middle era of the Ming Dynasty, the Main Hall of Pingjiang Lodge has a history of more than 450 years and it is the oldest part of the complex. It has been inherited for 7 generations. The gold-gilded pattern on the rooftop can still be barely seen. The Lodge preserves "fine, detail, delicacy and beauty〃 in Chinese architectural style. Here, you can experience yourself up close to the "Xiao Qiao, Liu Shui, Ren Jia〃 (literally means "small bridges, flowing waters, residences〃), a typical description of the landscape and classical aura of Suzhou.

Getting into the Pingjiang Lodge is just like traveling back in time. When you stroll down, you will find pieces of relics dating back to the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644), Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911), and also the Cultural Revolution (1966 - 1976). The traditional ambience also allows you to experience the Chinese culture to its fullest. Take your time to play the stone piano (Qin), Chinese Chess and Checker (Qi), as well as Chinese Brushes and Black Ink Bar for calligraphy (Shu) and painting (Hua) at the lobby lounge where local tea is served.

The décor of the guest rooms preserves the indigenousness of the building and captivates the cultural aura of Suzhou. There are 52 rooms altogether and they are arrayed within 11 yards, such as Tao Yuan ("Peach Blossom Yard") and Zhu Yuan ("Bamboo Yard"). They are designed to blend with local traditions that include cloistered gardens, wooden pillars and tiled roofs, providing a cozy and tranquil environment for guests to experience the lifestyle of the ancient Suzhou.

Pingjiang Lodge is conveniently located and it allows easy access to different sightseeing spots such as classical gardens and former residences of ancient celebrities. To the east are the old houses of Suzhou residents; to the south is one of the UNESCO Heritage Sites Master-of-Nets Garden; to the west is the famous Guan Qian Street; and to the North is another UNESCO Heritage Site the Humble Administrator's Garden. It takes only a few minutes walk to the Kunqu Museum and Pingtan Museum from the lodge.

Pingjiang Lodge Suzhou / 苏州平江客栈
33 Niu Jia Xiang, Ping Jiang Qu / 平江区钮家巷33号
Tel: 0086-512-65233888
Fax: 0086-512-65233868

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