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Green Lake Hotel Kunming
Address: No.6 Cuihu South Road

▲Brief Introduction

The Green Lake Hotel was created in 1956, it has long been hailed as one of the finest hotels in Kunming. The Green Lake Hotel has been dedicated to create its own brand and this comes to true, it was awarded one of "the China's Best Business Hotels" by Forbes 2007.

The Green Lake Hotel is situated in the front of the 'eyes' of Kunming, that is Green Lake. It is located in the heart centre of the Kunming city. Pursuing the top quality service is always the eternal mission of Green Lake Hotel. We are one of the best business hotel awarded by Forbes in 2007. We are not only providing advanced facilities to our customers, but also providing British royal butler service to customers for 24 hours. We are based on the beautiful environment, nice facilities, and professional service to serve you as a VIP at any time.

Base on textual research, the Green Lake Hotel has hundred years of history. It was the royal residence palace for Qing Dynasty. It has the well long historic detail with royal family culture.

The Green Lake Hotel offers the ultimate in luxury accommodations with the most beautiful Green Lake View in Kunming. Each one of the hotel's opulent guest rooms is comfortable and stylish and equipped with advanced technology for the convenience of hotel guests - underlined, of course, by the personalized Green Lake service.

The restaurants and bars at The Green Lake Hotel are among the most exclusive and most elegant in Hong Kong. Renowned as one of the best authentic Cantonese food in town is served in Jian Ye Restaurant. A cup of Yunnan Bao Shan coffee with tasted cookies in Lobby Q's Cafe is a most leisure experience in the afternoon tea time. "Lake Side Tea House" offers a quality Puer Tea and a stylish city rendezvous with stunning views across the lake.

The hotel features a state-of-the-art fitness center and a automatic ceiling open, sun bath swimming pool.

In the morning, we tailor an exercise way detail for you, by the time while you doing exercise you can touch the hundred years of 'Ru culture' and experience royal empire feeling. In the late noon, you will taste the Yun Nan Typica café in the scenery bar. Take your time to enjoy your happy hour in our hotel environment. In the evening, you can have a 15 minutes walk around the lake to feel the nature directly. In the latest evening, you also can join the lake tea house, bar, or dinning room to relax yourself completely.

To experience Kunming, you could start from Green Lake. Staying in The Green Lake Hotel is the right choice that to experience Kunming which you should not miss.
Yesterday , The Green Lake Hotel was the haven of royal family.
Today, The Green Lake Hotel is the place for celebrity of this society.
Tomorrow, the Green Lake Hotel will be getting more homage and glory.

Rooms aud Suites

Deluxe king size bed room
Larger bed size is 2mX2m, room has a feature of tropical drench style shower room, independent cloakroom.

Green Lake Royal Suite
Noble gaiety, royal symbol, the most important ting is every guest will be treated as VVIP.

Executive Lounge
Customer who stay in executive floor could have your individual check in /check out at Executive Lounge, complimentary breakfast and happy hour for afternoon tea will be ready for you.

Green Lake Hotel Kunming / 昆明翠湖宾馆
No.6 Cuihu South Road / 翠湖南路6号
Tel: 0086-871-5158888
Fax: 0086-871-5157867

Tel: 0086-28-85540220 Fax: 0086-28-85541221 Email:
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