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Putuoshan Hotel Putuoshan
Address: 93 Meichen Road
PuTuoShan hotel is a four-star resort hotel which is jointly invested and built by PuTuo China-International Travel Agency LTD.CO and CNFC Zhoushan Marine Fishing Company with 10million dollars. On March.20th 1997 the hotel was completed and opened to the public. The hotel is situated in the center part of Mount PuTuo, which is famous as Buddhist country around by the sea-si ji pan area, and behind the scenic sports of xi shan with beautiful sights and neighboring upon Puji temple, but three minutes to transportation dock. Covering on area of 26 mu and neighboring on travel agency,bank,and Puji Hospital. The hotel has a unique designed style, simple and elegant outward appearance, magnificent decorated inner part and with fresh, elegance pattern. In the hotel it has total number of 158 standard rooms and different kinds of suites including no-smoking rooms. And the hotel also contains the Chinese food restaurant, the western food restaurant and 12different styles of visitant rooms, which can hold 500 people to have meals at the same time. The hotel also has much relevant equipment such as meeting center, the business center, the entertainment center and so on. The hotel sees "what the guests need is what we want to do" as their service purpose and sincerely welcome guests from all over the world. Rooms The hotel has the total number of 158 rooms or suites, such as administrative suites, magnificent suites, family rooms and the standard rooms etc. and it also includes no-smoking floor. The inner parts of the rooming-house are decorated in an elegant and comfortable way with all kinds of necessary equipment, such as high-speed network of broadband. Center air-conditioner, directly-dialed telephone both for domestic and abroad, pint-sized refrigerator. Mini bar and so on, which makes you feel very warm and easy just like at home. And in the rooming-room, you can directly receive programs broadcasted both in Chinese and English by satellites and you can also receive the service of dibble sending, meanwhile you can enjoy the high-speed network of broadband for free. The hotel also has the administrative floor coordinated white information desk, business center and consulting rooms, which is a perfect place for you to take business activities. Contact Putuoshan Hotel Putuoshan / 普陀山宾馆 93 Meichen Road / 梅岑路93号 Tel: 0086-580-6092828 Fax: 0086-580-6091818

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PuTuoShan hotel is a four-star resort hotel which is jointly invested and built by PuTuo China-International Travel Agency LTD.CO and CNFC Zhoushan Marine Fishing...


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