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Redbuds Hotel Changchun
Address: 5688 Renmin Street

▲Brief Introduction

Redbuds hotel was built in accordance with five-star standard and subordinate to travel group jilin province.It is located in the south of Renmin street and adjoins to beautiful scenery"south lake".It is 2.5km.Apart from downtown area, 9km.From train station and 22km.From airport.The hotel has 258 rooms including standard rooms, executive rooms, deluxe suites and presidential facilities and business center, etc.Are offered at the same time.Staying at redbuds hotel you will enjoy the warmest and humanize services.

The room is light and specious, the decoration is elegant and warm. The speciality is the cambination of living and recreation,  make you enjoy special atmosphere. We offer you all kinds of fast and efficient service, including conference satellite Tv IDD and DDD,  laundry service and so on at any time.

The decoration of deluxe suite with European and Asian style. The sound of music set off your noble position, listen to abroad music, enjoy the wonderful abroad scenery. Watch a act abroad song and dance, enjoy a cup of wine you will be intoxicated wonderful scenery.

The decoration of standard room according to national guest room demand. Otherwise, according to different customer's request and different national amorous feelings, we can increase different facilities at any time. The decoration of the room is deluxe, facilities is convenient, offer service with enthusiasm and efficient, make your everyday's living rich and colourful.

Rooms Type

Presidential suite
Executive suite
Deluxe suite
Standard room

Redbuds Hotel Changchun / 长春紫荆花饭店
5688 Renmin Street / 人民大街5688号
Tel: 0086-431-5687888
Fax: 0086-431-5691222

Tel: 0086-28-85540220 Fax: 0086-28-85541221 Email:
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