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International Hotel Huangshan
Address: No.31 Xiao Huashan Road

▲Brief Introduction

Invested by Huangshan Travel Development LTD.CO and Chinese Travel Group Company, Huangshan International Hotel is located in Tunxi, where there is a fine scenery, quiet and elegant environment, as well as convenient transport of four kilometers from the airport and two kilometers from the railway station. Facing the Xin’an River, standing in front of Xiao Hua Mountain, the hotel has an ancient style of Hui building in accordance with the ancient looking of the streets. It is an ideal accommodation.

It is a comprehensive four-star hotel of international standard, which consists of more than 400 suites, containing president suites, luxurious suites, ordinary suites, standard double rooms and single rooms. It has banqueting halls of all sizes, various dining rooms of specificities, which can accommodate 600 guests, and it can offer all kinds of Chinese dinners like Hui dinner, Huaiyang dinner, Yue dinner and so on, as well as standard western-style foods. Its services also include cash changing, business center, store, tourism services, gym, sauna, hairdresser, disco and so on. the hotel’s International Conference Center, which is the largest and highest-equipped conference center in this city, has eight meeting rooms of all sizes, conference facilitates with seven kinds of simultaneous interpretation equipment and video display machines, can accommodate 700 people.

Rooms and Suites
Being on the top floor of the hotel, the luxurious presidential suite, having a good view of the scenery of the Xin’an River, has sufficient functions and facilities, furnished luxuriously and gracefully, consisting of three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a study room, a dinning room, a living room and a gym, where the bathroom has a luxurious surfing bathtub as well as a LCD television.Luxurious minister suite: fashionably furnished, it consists of a main bedroom, accessorial bedrooms, a study room and a living room, where the bathroom has a luxurious surfing bathtub as well as a LCD television and the study room has the four treasures of the study as well as a large number of ancient works which give the room an atmosphere of culture. It makes you feel that you are at home.

Family Suites
luxurious Standard Room
Business Suites
luxurious Single Rooms
Standard Rooms
luxurious Suites
Ordinary Suites
Ordinary Single Rooms

International Hotel Huangshan / 黄山国际大酒店
No.31 Xiao Huashan Road / 黄山市屯溪区华山路31号
Tel: 0086-559-2565678
Fax: 0086-559-2512087

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