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Mianzhou Hotel Mianyang
Address: No.62 Linyuan East Road

▲Brief Introduction

Mian Zhou Hotel is located in the centre of Mian Yang Municipality, the western science and technology city famous for its blue sky, green land, clean rivers and amicable people. It's a four-star hotel with the largest scale and overall necessary facilities in the city. And the hotel building is one of the symbolic buildings in the city.

Guest Room

We have 396 guest rooms with grace decorations and warm decorations. All the rooms are equipped with broadband access, the digital intelligence system, the central air conditioning system, the automatic smoke alarm system, the emergency system, the digital TV system and the IDD, all these will make you feel comfortable and safe.The luxurious guest rooms are on the 6th-14th floor with graceful decorations, making you feel at home.

The business guest rooms are on the 15th -18th floor, all the rooms are equipped with computer and broadband which can satisfy your communication and entertainment fully; good ventilation and enough light make you enjoy the sunlight and air comfortably; new green plants make you enjoy the nature fully. The guests will have more services, which will make your trip memorable.

The administration guest rooms are on the 19th floor. From the view of the presidential suite and the luxurious suite, you can have a beautiful scene. The graceful furniture and the advanced equipments will make your trip warm and romantic with nobility.

Mianzhou Hotel Mianyang / 绵阳绵州酒店
No.62 Linyuan East Road / 临园圆东路62号
Tel: 0086-816-6350999
Fax: 0086-816-6350926

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