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Beihai Hotel Huangshan
Address: Beihai Scenic, Huangshan Montain

▲Brief Introduction

Opened in 1958,The Beihai Hotel is a 4-star hotel located near the Eastern Steps.This is the best hotel for those who wish to catch the sunset or sunrise under or over the almost constant sea of clouds for which Huangshan is most famous for.
Rising 1,630 meters above the sea level, the Beihai Hotel is located in the Beihai Scenic Area. The Hotel is surrounded by mountains and pine trees. The following scenic spots are all within your reach: The Fresh Breeze Terrace(Qingliang tai), Bai'e Peak, Believe Peak (Shixin feng), Lion Peak(Shizifeng), Shuguang Pavilion, and etc. The Hotel is located about 1.5kms away from the cloud valley cableway and offers easy access to all the scenic spots mentioned. 
Expanded and renovated in 1996 and 2008, the hotel has a total of 256 rooms, contains standard rooms, economy rooms and deluxe suites. The hotel is equipped with central air-conditioning, IDD telephones, closed circuit television and hot water. The hotel is made up for five parts: Sanhuajing Hut, Main building, Gongyang Villa, Wooden house and Juxian Vavilion, covering an area of 26.6 acres.


Beihai Hotel Huangshan / 黄山北海宾馆
Beihai Scenic, Huangshan Montain / 黄山风景区北海景区
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