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Banyan Tree Ringha
Address: Hong Po Village, Jian Tang Town, Shangri-La County

▲Brief Introduction

Banyan Tree Ringha 
Behind every myth is at least a grain of truth — a comforting thought for someone in search of James Hilton's evasive Shangri-La. In his acclaimed novel "Lost Horizon" Hilton masterfully describes a distant and secluded hideaway of great beauty and peacefulness, a remote paradise on earth hidden in a Tibetan valley of snow-capped mountains, where harmony reigns, where the gods walk among the people, and where man and nature embrace. A utopian dream perhaps or surprisingly close to reality?

Banyan Tree Ringha is found in China's Yunnan province, a mountainous area that has been designated as the official Shangri-La by the Chinese government and is part of Greater Tibet, both historically and culturally. At 3,200 meters above sea level, the setting is spectacular with day-trips and overnight excursions taking you to divine mountain peaks touched by the clouds, awe-inspiring ridges, deep canyons, torrential rivers, mystical plateaus, endless valleys, crystal-clear streams and the most tranquil of lakes.

In true Banyan Tree style, the resort architecture reflects the local Tibetan culture. All 32 spacious lodges and suites are traditional Tibetan farmhouses with intricate woodcarvings, smoky fireplaces and wooden balconies that have valley or river views. Impressive pine pillars add enormous character to both the interior and exterior of each house. And of course, there is the heavenly Banyan Tree Spa. 

Banyan Tree Ringha / 仁安悦榕庄
Hong Po Village, Jian Tang Town, Shangri-La County / 香格里拉县建塘镇红坡村
Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture
Yunnan Province People's Republic of China 674400
Tel: 0086-887-8288822
Fax: 0086-887-8288911
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