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Gongga Miraculous Fount International Sanatorium Center
Address: In Hailuogou Valley

▲Brief Introduction

Situated in Sichuan Ganzi Tibet Autonomous Prefecture and the Hailuo Gou glacier forest park of national Four-A Class and originating from Gongga Mountain, the king of Shushan Mountain, Gongga Miraculous Fount International Sanatorium Center is a grand hot spring sanatorium resort area which is established according to standard of better than three-star hotel and costs about 190 million RMB in three terms in its construction.

With an area of 200 Mu and easy access, it costs you about 3.5-hour drive starting the Chengdu to Hailuo Gou. The whole Journey measured about 280 kilometers is the most convenient and best way to Hailuogou.

With Gongga Mountain of 7756 meter high above sea level in the south and several snow-covered ountains in the north, there are time-honored glacier, high mountain, snow-covered peaks, virgin forest, wild animals and essence of Chinese medicine. There, you could enjoy not only glacier but also bath in hot spring. It has become high standard and all-rounded resort area with main topic of natural madical bathing in hot spring and tourism of sceneries and humanities.

Gongga Miraculous Fount International Sanatorium Center / 海螺沟贡嘎神汤国际疗养中心
In Hailuogou Valley / 摩西镇海螺沟内8公里处
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