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Seman Hotel Kashgar
Address: No.337 Seman Road

▲Brief Introduction

Kashgar Seman Hotel is a hotel reconstruceed on the basis of Russian Consulate (Czar period) built in 1890 . It is a foreign three-star grade hotel approved by National Tourism Bureau and is considered as one of ten international hotels with a reputation of "equipment is ordinary but service is excelent ".

The hotel is a garden style building with strong Uighur characters , The environment is degant , It's yard is full of high ancient trees and fragrant flowers . there are luxury suit roon , standard room , single room with the Uighur stile and decoration , over 500 beds. The hotel has grape garden restaurant. local flaoor restaurant , muslim restaurant , Chinese restaurant , Chinese buffet , restaurant which can supply local flaoor dishes , common dishes , tie-in dishes and westem-style food as will as kind of banquets.

The hotel has entertainment area like song and dance hall , Cafeteria ,Bar , Kara Ok hall,business center . shopping center , hair dressing and beauty room , clinic ,internet bar , Uighur dance and song team , automobile team , Fit tours service department and meeting rooms with large , middle and small sizes . the hotel can supply all kind of comprehensive service .

We warmly welcome the guests from home and abroad . we are looking forward to you as our respectful guests. you are welcome to stay in seman hotel .

Seman Hotel Kashgar / 喀什色满宾馆
No.337 Seman Road / 色满路337号
Tel: 0086-998-2582129 / 2582150
Fax: 0086-998-2582861

Tel: 0086-28-85540220 Fax: 0086-28-85541221 Email:
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