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Shangpala Hotel Nyingtri
Address: Qizheng Road, Bayi Town

▲Brief Introduction

Shangpala Hotel Nyingtri is located in Bayi town, Nyingchi. The hotel covers an area of 7800 square meters, including construction area of 5665.77 square meters. The main six-storey hotel building is designed and built in accordance with national four-star standards.

Housekeeping Department offers 70 rooms, including

    45 Standard Room
    22 Single Room
    3 Luxury Suites

Shangpala Hotel Nyingtri  / 林芝香帕拉宾馆
Qizheng Road, Bayi Town / 八一镇奇正路
Tel: 0086-894-5835999 / 5824888 / 5834182
Fax: 0086-894-5835555

Tel: 0086-28-85540220 Fax: 0086-28-85541221 Email:
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