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Jiang'an Peony Plaza Luoyang
Address: No.2 Nanchang, Jianxi District

▲Brief Introduction

Jing'an Peony Plaza, a four-star tourist hotel authorized to open to foreign guests, is favorably situated at No. 2 Nanchang Road, a busy street in ancient Luoyang, with beautiful surroundings, and easy access to every part of the city. The hotel has 191 rooms/suites, including standard rooms, rooms, business rooms, deluxe business suites and luxury suites. Well appointed with facilities such as conference rooms, lecture halls, Chinese food restaurants, Western food restaurants, banquet halls, dancing halls, swimming pools, gyms, stores and bars, the hotel is the very place for conference, residence, dining and commercial activities. Jing'an Peony Plaza sincerely welcomes you to Luoyang, the Capital of Nine Dynasties, where you can enjoy the beauty of peony and appreciate the splendor of the ancient culture. Jing'an Peony Plaza located at the heart of Luoyang city which has been the capital of nine ancient dynasties, Jing'an Peony Plaza Hotel is within ten minutes drive from the railway station and twenty minutes drive to the airport. To rest or stay, no matter what you do, Jing'an Peony Plaza Hotel will offer you incomparable honor and unlimited luxury.

Jiang'an Peony Plaza Luoyang / 洛阳京安牡丹城宾馆
No.2 Nanchang, Jianxi District / 南昌路2号
Tel: 0086-379-64681111
Fax: 0086-379-64930303

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