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The Tibet Gang-gyan Lhasa Hotel
Address: No.3 Beijing Eastern Road

▲Brief Introduction

Welcome to the Tibet Gang-gyan Lhasa Hotel. It is a four-star standard hotel of the Tibet Gang-gyan Development Corporation. Located in the center of Lhasa, it adheres to the famous Jokhang Temple, Ramoche Temple, the Barkhor Street and other tourist sightseeing and shopping places. The location is superior and traffic is good and convenient.

The hotel has about 170 various rooms and suites, among which the Europe-style suites are luxuriously decorated, gracefully disposed and well-equipped while the Tibetan Standard rooms are even more splendid with special Tibet flavors. The guests can fully appreciate the myth and profoundness of the Tibetan culture. In the west, lying comfortably in bed, the guest can overlook the supernatural Potala Palace from the room with a view and in the south, the morning bell rings and evening drums and the Sanskrit singing will accompany you in your quiet and sweet dreams. All the rooms enjoy free broadband connection to internet, services of DDD (free), and the business center offers typing, sending and receiving emails, fax and copying services.

The hotel has Tibetan style and Chinese-style conference rooms that accommodate 100~200 people simultaneously, VIP guest rooms and teahouse. The restaurant can offer food for 200~300 people at one time with particularly designed Tibetan, Chinese and western meals of various flavors for friends coming from all over the world. The parking lot in the hotel offers you 24 hours secured services. The health center can relieve the tiredness from your trips. All the hotel stuff will provide the best services with the tenet in mind: Home for the Guests. This is your ideal place for your leisure, trips, holidays, business and other activities and we sincerely await your arrival!

The Tibet Gang-gyan Lhasa Hotel / 西藏刚坚拉萨饭店
No.3 Beijing Eastern Road / 拉萨北京东路83号
Tel: 0086-891-6305555
Fax: 0086-891-6308222

Tel: 0086-28-85540220 Fax: 0086-28-85541221 Email:
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