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Shanghai Hotel Lhatse
Address: In the city Lhatse

▲Brief Introduction

Shanghai Hotel of Lazi is located in the center of Lhaze county of ShiGaTse District, Tibet Autonomous Region. It is about 140 kilometers away from ShiGaTse city and 180 kilometers from the Evereast. Shanghai Hotel of Lazi is open to external affairs with 3-star level and garden style, invested by shanghai municipal government for over 17million yuan. The hotel covers 38,000 square meters with flooring area about 5,500 square meters. Its 44 guests room includes 5 suites, 6 single rooms and 33 stand rooms. Its restaurant serves Chinese food, west food and Tibetan food, in which there are 5 deluxe rooms that can hold 120-table banquet. The hotel is equipped with Grand ballroom, KTV, chess and cards room. Other facilities: luxury conference room for 80-100 guests, hairdressing and beauty salon, business center, parking lot, tea room. Shanghai Hotel of Lazi is one of the high-grade hotel among ShiGaTse District for its scale and quality. It always put guests' interests and security as its top priority. A warmly welcome to friends home and abroad to our hotel and enjoy our thoughtful services.

Shanghai Hotel Lhatse / 拉孜上海大酒店
In the city Lhatse / 拉孜县县城
Tel: 0086-892-8323678
Fax: 0086-892-8323786

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