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Yunjincheng Hotel Pingyao
Address: No 56, West Street, Pingyao

▲Brief Introduction

Yunjincheng is located in the famous Ming and Qing street in Pingyao. It is combined by eighteen elegant and unique courtyards with over 80 decorated and equipped luxurious suites and standard apartments.Home dinner is about 1000 square meters including Western-style food and Chinese food and it is able to provide place for more than 300 people to enjoy their dinners at one time.The hotel includes elements of both simple and luxurious, both elegant and comfortable, both traditional and modern. It is harmonious with the city and famous for his special style and top graded furnishings.Here is the first life station of Lei Lvtai, the countryside grandfather of China bank.Nowadays we are welcoming honored guests from all circles with the typical architectural style and excellent service.Welcome every one here to "accommodate in money exchange shop site to recognize Shanxi culture in Ming and Qing Dynasty, Chat up daily life to enjoy cate and wine of Shanxi".The stuff welcome all to accommodate to experience life of rich and powerful family in Ming and Qing dynasty and enjoy home dinner to have a taste at all the flavor of life.

The Origin between Home Dinner and Money Exchange Shop

The restaurant is about 500 square meters and it is able to provide place for more than 300 people to enjoy their dinners at one time.The company organized professional staff to investigate and find out about a hundred private dishes of tens of rich and powerful merchants' families in order to bloom the historical shop Pingyao, which has thousands of years' history. After that, we are honored to present ceremoniously eight kinds of luxury series meal and six secondary dinners. Therefore, our restaurant is suitable for people of different criterion, quantity and flavor. I believe our hotel wins universal praise and you will find you have a worthy trip after you enjoy dinner in it.

Rooms Type
The guest room looks outstanding and unique with capacious, bright and luxurious suite, traditional rosewood furniture of Ming and Qing style and expensive vase and antique.The tone is elegant and soft while the furnishings are of primitive simplicity and dignity.

The rooms have complete equipment, such as modern 42 inched TV, community antenna, IDD and DDD, Brand Band for Internet, which made you feel convenient and satisfactory.

Yunjincheng Hotel Pingyao / 云锦成民俗客栈
No 56, West Street, Pingyao / 平遥西大街56号
Tel: 0086-354-5689123
Fax: 0086-354-5680192 / 5689111

Tel: 0086-28-85540220 Fax: 0086-28-85541221 Email:
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