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Beite Moon Star Hotel Yaan
Address: No.10 Zhangjia Shan

▲Brief Introduction

Beite Moon Star Hotel Yaan is a courtyard-style hotel, which is located in the southern suburbs of Zhangjiashan, Yaan city, surrounded by beautiful mountains and peaceful environment, with  Zhangjiashan Park to the west, an overlook of the downtown area of the city Yaan to the north; echoing with Zhougongshan Hill to the east, where the Zhougong River winds all the way and the waves flows peacefully; to the south lies the beautiful countryside scenery.  Beite Moon Star Hotel Yaan is 16 kilometers from Zhougongshan Hot-Spring, 16 kilometers from Bifeng Gorge, 15 kilometers from Mengdingshan Mountain--the holy mountain of tea culture, 31 kilometers from White Horse Spring, and 27 kilometers from Shangli Antient Town. Beite Moon Star Hotel Yaan offers a wide range of guest rooms, deluxe Chinese restaurant, special-flavor restaurant, tea-house and business centre.


Beite Moon Star Hotel Yaan / 雅安倍特星月宾馆
No.10 Zhangjia Shan / 张家山路10号
Tel: 0086-835-2225888
Fax: 0086-835-2226777 / 2231238

Tel: 0086-28-85540220 Fax: 0086-28-85541221 Email:
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