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Kaimenzi Hotel Jingdezhen
Address: No.105 Cidu Road

▲Brief Introduction

In 2003, Kaimenzi Group was founded with huge investment according to the Star-level hotel standard and was decorated in a commercial style. Domestic commercial conferences and international major events have been successfully held in the hotel. The hotel was approved to be the four-star level commercial hotel in May. 2005 and it is now the top-grade hotel in the city. Located in the important traffic intersection and adjoining "Guyao"-- the famous national "AAAA" level scenic spot, the 91.8m-tall, 21-storeyed hotel is one of the symbolic buildings of Jingdezhen.

Multifunctional Hall with a capacity of over 200 people and Conference Hall over 150 people; Chinese and Western restaurants enable the guests to enjoy both the best part of Chinese cuisine culture and western romantic cuisine culture. Different recreational facilities, such as KTV Rooms of varied styles will help the guests to relieve the fatigue after busy commercial activities and enjoy in the porcelain town---the endless pleasure of recreation and travel in Jingdezhen.

Kaimenzi Hotel Jingdezhen / 景德镇开门子宾馆
No.105 Cidu Road / 瓷都大道1055号
Tel: 0086-798-8577777
Fax: 0086-798-8560166

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