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Kunlun Hotel Haerbin
Address: 8 Tielu Street, Nangang District

▲Brief Introduction

Heilongjiang Kun Lun is an authorized four-star luxury hotel, built from the 38 million RMB investment from the Harbin Railway Bureau. It is located to the west of the Railway Station, easily accessible and centrally located. Traffic around this area is busy but flows easily, allowing for convenient and comfortable travel. There are 260 luxurious guestrooms decorated with many different styles. There are independent air conditioners, satellite TV's, also each room is equipped with local and long distance phone lines and jacks for broadband internet service. 

We have several restaurants specializing in different cuisines. Western cuisine , Guangzhou cuisine, Korean cuisine, and traditional Hot Pot. We offer food and beverage service to all patrons 24 hours a day. There are thirteen banquet halls ranging from size medium to large, and also one large banquet hall which easily accommodates 400 guests. 

Kun Lun also serves as the home for many a businessperson. The modernized offices, from floor 23 to 28, provide the perfect environment for professionals. The company in charge of managing the offices, is the first choice for most commercial offices. The business center and our ticket counter are well equipped and more than able to offer secure and reliable service for commercial activities.

There is a beauty salon, fitness center, skincare center, bath center and sauna. Also several amenities for your entertainment.

Guest Room
There are 260 guestroom at Kun Lun Hotel, including ordinary standard rooms, the luxurious standard rooms, the triple rooms, luxurious rooms, the apartments, the luxurious inner rooms and the luxurious apartments . The whole rooms at the hotel are decorated luxuriously with the European style. The style of B District guest rooms coming into operation at the beginning of 2004 is even more artistic, the modeling advocates briefly, the color and luster are matched quiet solemn.

Rooms Type

 Ordinary Standard Room 
 The Luxurious Room 
 The Triple Room
 The Standard Inner Room
 The Apartment
 The Luxurious Inner Room
 The Luxurious Apartment

Kunlun Hotel Haerbin / 哈尔滨昆仑大酒店
8 Tielu Street, Nangang District / 南岗区铁路街8号
Tel: 0086-451-53616688
Fax: 0086-451-53600888

Tel: 0086-28-85540220 Fax: 0086-28-85541221 Email:
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