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Regent Hotel Dali
Address: Yu'er Road, Dali Ancient Town

▲Brief Introduction

Located in the southwestern part of China, Dali, one of the first recognized 24 international historical and cultural cities by Chinese government, the Regent Hotel is a glamorous and attractive place to rest. There are Changshan Mountains and a vast Erhai Lake embracing the city, together with a long history and beautiful culture, and also recognition in China that Dali's mountains are graceful, Dali's waters are beautiful, and Dali's people are the most attractive in the three. Today, Dali is more open and inviting towards all tourists in and outside China. And the Regent Hotel is here to welcome all who love beauty and life!

Situated at the east sect of the Yu-er road and besides the Li Road of the ancient Dali city, the Regent Hotel is convenient in all direction in and outside the city, via airport, train or bus.

After careful calculation and preparation, the Regent Hotel began its construction on 26th December 2003. With RMB¥ 220,000,000 investment, the hotel takes up 68,000 square meters. And with its facilities, and the main lobby, wealth court and traditional Bai gardens which named after Dali's famous scenery of "Feng, Hua, Xue, Yue", the overall area is about 70,000 square meters. The hotel is three floors in all but partly one floor underneath the ground.

Occupying the area of 68,000 squares meters, the hotel is constructed in accordance with the Bai nationality style which is comprised with five independent but inter-linked courtyards which have their names of Feng (wind), Hua (flower), Xue (snow), and Yue (moon) respectively.

Regent Hotel Dali / 大理风花雪月酒店
Yu'er Road, Dali Ancient Town / 大理古城玉洱路
Tel: 0086-872-2666666
Fax: 0086-872-2682082

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