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Thangka Hoel Lhasa
Address: 38 Yutuo Road

▲Brief Introduction

Next to the Jokhang Temple Square,about one hundred paces away from the gate of the Jokhang Temple, Thangka hotel is situated at the superexcellent center of the goly place,close to the sacrcd reoligious hall.The hotel is in the atmosphere of strong devoutness and practicing,enjoying a unique tantric Tibetan scriptures and mantra,taking advantage of the holy light and best wishes from the holy reilgion!Living next to the Jokhang Temple,your dream must be good and sweet!
Established wish four-star standard and with thematic concept inside,Thangka hotel better reflects the rich contents of the traditional Tibetan culture.We paid much attention to yhe establishment and arrangement of hardware and software in this hotel,which would help you deliver the information,whatever you felt or you saw,to outside in the quickest time.Good and quick service will let you and other friends from all over the world have a pleasant,comfortable family-like feeling on the top of the World Roof,When the sun rises in the morning,after a good rest,you may be bhysically and mentally actively.
There are 98(sets)Tibetan rooms with various types,among them 69 standard rooms,26single rooms and 3suites ,The rooms are equipped with IDD international long distance telephone,satellite television,fiber-optic network interface,independent safe .And there delicious Tibetan food ,Western food , Chinese food and coffee are provided.

Thangka Hoel Lhasa / 拉萨唐卡酒店
38 Yutuo Road / 宇拓路38号
Tel: 0086-891-6308866 / 6367288
Fax: 0086-891-6367328 / 6367299

Tel: 0086-28-85540220 Fax: 0086-28-85541221 Email:
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