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Changyifeng Hotel Old City Pingyao
Address: No.102 Mingxing Street

▲Brief Introduction

Changyifeng is representatives of classical architecture in Ming and Qing dynasty in the old city. It's Well-known at that time. In recent years,the hotel several become tour fixed-point to receive the place through the repair and extension, is the Chinese and Foreign guest tour sightseeing, dining accommodation, the ideal that business investigation stays the place.Changyifeng's address is NO.102 Ming Qing Street which is the busiest section in the old city. consistsofshops,yards,and attics,is the oldest yards in the ancient town. in the east and adjacent to ancient town wall. And it’s a superior quality folk-style hotel, where you may taste delicious food, have a good rest, go shopping and enjoy yourself.Changyifeng folk-style hotel maintains building style and feature in Ming and Qing dynasty . The hotel consists of cashier’s office,kang and rooms of Ming and Qing styles.Living in the hotel,you will feel elegance in simplicity and peace in hubbub.That’s so comfortablethat you will forget to go your home. it attracted a lot of tourists from US , France, Australia, Canada and so on. And all of them gave a high praise for it.

Room Service
The guest room owns each kind of 44 of guest room of Suite Room, soil kang, Room etc. of Standard,88 beds, provide to be like an environment of similar sweet, comfort, safety for you.Building inside have the distance to control the equipmentses, such as telephone, air condition and television networks...etc..Here settle is you come to the old city tour leisure of ideal ground.

Changyifeng Hotel Old City Pingyao / 平遥昌颐丰客栈
No.102 Mingxing Street / 明清古街102号
Tel: 0086-354-5686285
Fax: 0086-354-5682988

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