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Qinwang Hotel Shaoxing
Address: No.515 Chengnan Road

▲Brief Introduction

Qinwang Hotel (goverbed by Zhejiang Zhongcheng Stock-Holding Group) is located in the Downtown of Yuecheng District Shaoxing City, a Chinese historical cultural famous city, being a 4-star business hotel concentrating guest rooms, meal-beverage, entertainment conference and activities.

This hotel has 125 sets of international standard state president suite, luxurious suites, business rooms, standard rooms. All guest rooms' design is wide and bright, refined and elegant, with first-class facilities, adjustable central air-conditioner system, advanced audio and ADSL system. The wide-scale console-mode window will give guest arts beauty and cultural beauty visual efficiency, and can enjoy global satellite TV and over 40 sets of international and national TVs.

Qinwang Abalone Hall with "QINWANG" as its name is decorated specially, being luxurious and elegant, deep cultural taste and making the guests full enjoy the nable happiness of man.The completely-equipped multi-function conference centre can provide to hold various kinds of conference with first-class service idea for you.

Qinwang Hotel Shaoxing / 绍兴秦望宾馆
No.515 Chengnan Road / 城南大道515号
Tel: 0086-575-8056789
Fax: 0086-575-8311680

Tel: 0086-28-85540220 Fax: 0086-28-85541221 Email:
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