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Huayang Plaza Hotel Luoyang
Address: No.88 Kairuan West Road, Jianxi District

▲Brief Introduction

The "Huayang Plaza Hotel" is a five-star hotel in a house Luoyang, also ising up to now Luoyang City unique five-star hotel, the international big hotel locates at to return in triumph the west road Huayang square in the Luoyang City exact center, thehotel  establishes 530 various guest room, including the standard single a the human life, business building, luxurious business building, daily life at home building, president's suite.

The respect philosophy that the hotel of Luoyang is then humanized, concentrate on constructing a comfortable, comfortable, is filled with the intimacy feels to have the dark again to stop and rest the space sexually.Each a guest room all for modern style, and melt into the design with the junyao special features, in type, gorgeous style, the makeup orders with meticulous care the modern art expert a painting that display.Good and soundproof equipments with through the fresh air of the percolation, let the person keep off the citied hullabaloo.The traveller can be then comfortable to enjoy in comfortable spacious guest room every kind of complete according to every kind of equipments that user position design, like place oneself the felling of the in home.The sumptuous party hall locates the hotel 3 floor, pick high eight rices, area 2000 square meter, can accept 800 people the party, emerges the magnificent vehemence everywhere.It is here the most suitable to match the product announces meeting, large meeting report, news conference, meal meeting, seminar, or private wedding wedding dinner, birthday dinner, party etc., combining can aim at the need of the guest, taking into the partition 5 single a flexibility rents.

In addition,3 floors also own 6 multi-function board rooms, can accept 90 people of - of 35 people respectively, suiting to hold every kind of industry and business party, management management meeting, news conference, product demonstration the meeting very much.800 square meters are comfortable spaciously open type space, from profession cook the offering does the exquisite delicacies now, at continue long several meals on the stage row several good dinners, the offering stops for the night the guest enjoys use of the breakfast.Noon, dinner supply a western meal steak and provide the fragrant the coffee of mellow at any time and exquisite pastry, provide for the guest the best delicacies experiences personally.Wine shop with professional management, the special features receives to provide trading company as to express perfectly, the meal drinks, amusement etc. a series serve.

Huayang Plaza Hotel Luoyang / 洛阳华阳广场国际大酒店
No.88 Kairuan West Road, Jianxi District / 涧西区凯旋西路88号
Tel: 0086-379-65588123
Fax: 0086-379-65588456

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