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Golden Hotel Shenyang
Address: 52 Qinnian Street, Shenhe District

▲Brief Introduction

Shenyang, the culture, politics, and economy center for Northeast, the capital of Liaonong, and also the biggest city in Northeastern region.
Shenyang Golden Hotel is located at the business center of Shenyang. It's a four star business & tourism hotel with about 200 standard rooms, business rooms and suit rooms which are equipped exquisitively. There are independant air conditioner, international and domestic dial service, satellite channels, bars, refrigeratory, automatic monitoring system, magnetic card door, and advanced shower equipment in the rooms. Chinese dinning hall- Hongyun Hall, famouse for its' Liaoning flavor dishes. Another hall called Juxianting provides Northeastern chaffy dish, Sichuan chaffy dishes, Guangdong Cattle & Sea Food chaffy dishes, satisfying different requirements. The coffee hall will provide various foods from all over the world and self-helped dishes.
Shenyang Golden Hotel goes all out to provide a home for those guests with its' considerate service.

There are about 200 luxurious standard rooms, commercial rooms, advanced commercial rooms, suit room in Golden Hotel. In each room, there are satellite channel, private safe, air conditioner, international / domestic dial, internet service, refrigerator, and bars with various fresh drinks.

All the rooms take white as the decorating color, elegant, graceful. The designs is very fashionable. It's a four star international busines hotel.

 Shenyang Golden Hotel is located at the interjection of Qinnian Street and Zhongshan Road, the traffic is very convenient, only five minutes ride to Shenyang North Station, twenty five minutes bus ride to Shenyang Taoxian International Air port.

Golden Hotel Shenyang / 沈阳高登大酒店
52 Qinnian Street, Shenhe District / 沈河区青年大街52号
Tel: 0086-24-22818888
Fax: 0086-24-22818866

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