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Huasheng Hotel Emeishan
Address: Foguang Nan Lu

▲Brief Introduction

Emeishan Hua Sheng Hotel in the beautiful scenery of Sichuan Emeishan City Fokuang South, adjacent to the Buddhist Temple Buddha Sim Yuen, elegant environment, convenient transportation. Transport facilities to the World Natural and Cultural Heritage :-Emeishan (Baoguosi) 5-minute ride; 30-minute car ride from the Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area; Emeishan from the train station, the terminal station five minutes.

1999 Love Health Investment Holdings Limited in accordance with the standard four-star hotel Huasheng Building and the construction of the main building. January 2001 officially opened in August 2002 as a four-star hotel; invest in the construction of five-star standards in 2004 in accordance with the Hua Sheng Hotel Ginza, will be put into use. High standards of the hotel owners, the luxury standard, single business executive suites and luxury suites, including the presidential suite of 335 sets; equipped with multi-function hall, conference hall, senior negotiating room, business center, assorted, West, cafeteria, recreation center, KTV City.

Huasheng Hotel Emeishan / 峨眉山华生酒店
Foguang Nan Lu / 佛光南路
Tel: 0833-5546999
Fax: 0833-5522248

Tel: 0086-28-85540220 Fax: 0086-28-85541221 Email:
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