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Cui Chenghai Hotel Pingyao
Address: 178 Nan Da Jie

▲Brief Introduction

"Cui Chenghai" was an old and famous hotel in Ming and Qing dynasty, located at NO.178 the South end of Nandajie ,which is the most luxuriant in the ancient city of Pingyao of the world culture heritage.  
"Cui Chenghai hotel" is a 4 star standard folk-custom one, developed on the base of the former address of "Cui chengHai" with the history of 100 years. She is a large advanced foreign tour hotel, integrating the eating, staying, sightsee, leisure, entertainment, business, conference etc, providing over 80 rooms with various style, with the capacity of 160+ individuals. It only takes you several minutes on foot from here to Ying xunmen Square, Confucius temple, old County government office,Ri shengchang bank, city god temple, Qingxuguan temple, Nandajie city tower etc, the typical site like this .  

It's really a good choice to live here and appreciate the beauty of Ping Yao Ancient City.   

Our hotel has strong local characteristics, with the orderly deep yard. It is not only elegant, but also magnificent. You could see wood carving, brick carving and stone carving everywhere which are on the themes of Three Kingdoms, Yang Jiaqiang, Yue Fei Biography etc. All of them are realistic and lifelike; The whole building is painted, antique Stele and couplets are embellished properly, refined and quaint. Everywhere in the whole hotel is full of typical strong traditional culture of Ming and Qing style. Living in it, no doubt you will obtain spirit fun and enjoyment of exquisite culture.
Our rooms have the characteristics of reasonable layout and perfect facilities, such as the northern ancient traditional bed made of earth and brick, elegant and modern standard room and luxury suites, which provide water, heater, electricity, bath and broadband high-speed Internet access. You will find modern facilities and classical ones are integrated, bringing out the best in each other. And the living environment here is elegant and chic, which will make you comfortable and quiet.

Cui Chenghai Hotel Pingyao / 平遥萃成海客栈
178 Nan Da Jie / 南大街178号
Tel: 0086-354-5777888
Fax: 0086-354-5681111

Tel: 0086-28-85540220 Fax: 0086-28-85541221 Email:
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