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Binyue Hotel Huhhot
Address: No.52 Zhaowuda Road

▲Brief Introduction

The Inner Mongolian guest pleased hotel is a four star level commerce hotel, the hotel located at the Huhhot cultural center, adjoins to the Autonomous region Party committee new address and each important Governmental agency, is near at hand with the lively business center, is apart from the train station 5 kilometers, is apart from the airport 15 kilometers. The hotel has careful design repair guest room 155, in supposes the administrative floor, the smokeless guest room; The Japanese rhodea multi-purpose halls, in Shanghai others the dining room, Koizumi occupy characteristic dining rooms and so on Japanese-style tappasaki special shop to be possible to hold 700 people also to go to eat. The hotel is equipped with 7 different types the conference rooms, sophisticated equipment's conference room, the assembly hall, the electricity classroom may hold the symposium for you, carry on the commercial negotiations to provide the superior conference environment and the service hand in hand. The guest pleased international youth hotel is by an international youth hotel alliance official authorization alliance hotel, has guest room 48, the facility is well-equipped, is the budget traveling ideal residence.
The hotel has been awarded "the outstanding Hotel" in 2005 year by the municipal government the title; in 2007 by units and so on Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region travel bureau is evaluated "Inner Mongolia top-notch Hotel", in October by the national traveling star level hotel is in the same year "the silver leaf level green Hotel"; Has been awarded 2007 year in March, 2008 by the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region travel agency "the best yesterday level Hotel". We will continue in front of the numerous honors to make with all one's strength belong to our service brand, argues vigorously the guests who lets each presence guest pleased hotel to feel us sincere and the zealous service.

Guest Rooms
The hotel has careful design repair guest room 155, in supposes 1 president to wrap, 20 anterooms, 18 luxuriously two person, 96 double signs, between 20 singles, 10 and are equipped with the smokeless guest room for the administrative floor, meanwhile has set up the disabled person special-purpose guest room specially; The room has the adjustable changes in temperature air conditioning, the spacious bathroom and styles hair the apparatus, the personal safety deposit box, the miniature bar, the international/domestic direct-dial telephone, the computer, the satellite TV, the domestic foreign television channel, the electronic lock and so on. All guest rooms provide the wide band connection, the free wide band surfer lets you enjoy the commerce to be convenient.
Starts the guest pleased hotel from 2007 to do not hesitate the large sum of money to carry on to the guest room repairs, moreover undergoes the unceasing market exploration and the research, the unceasing improvement bed's modelling and the structure, made have been most comfortable, are suitable sleep's bed, relieved your fatigue of travel thoroughly.

Binyue Hotel Huhhot / 呼和浩特宾悦大酒店
No.52 Zhaowuda Road / 昭乌达路52号
Tel: 0086-471-6605588
Fax: 0086-471-4310808

Tel: 0086-28-85540220 Fax: 0086-28-85541221 Email:
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