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Resort Golden Palm Sanya
Address: Yalong Bay National Resort District

▲Brief Introduction

Resort Golden Palm is located in Sanya, Hainan. Sanya is China's southernmost city and preier tropical resort destination. Resort Golden Palm is situated in Yalong Bay National Resort District, which has been officially rated as AAAA Scenic Area.

As a Four Star Resort, the Golden Palm offers leisure activities and sightseeing, as well as facilities for conferences and business meetings. The hotel occupies the center section of Yalong Bay, easily the best location in Yalong Bay. At its front is the magnificent sea and beautiful pristine sandy beach. Behind are green mountains and beautiful Longtan Lake.

Built in the Spanish style, the architecture is with a new and uniquely elegant design. The hotel, harmoniously combined with the green mountains, blue lake, sea and sky, creates a beautiful picture. The setting is perfectly matched with Feng Shui, the traditional Chinese belief in geomantic omen. The Golden Palm is a paradise for guests both from China and abroad. Often, guests are so enthralled by their stay here that they are reluctant to leave.

Resort Golden Palm was opened on January 16, 2001. It was officially branded as Four Star Hotel by the National Tourism Administration.

The 30,000 sq. meter hotel sits on property covering an area of 2.87 hectares (7.1 acres). Each of its 248 guest rooms is uniquely and elegantly designed and decorated. There are both Chinese and Western restaurants, elegant, yet in a comfortable and casual atmosphere. The roof garden abounds in beautiful flowers. The 1,200 sq. meter outdoor pool occupies a beautiful garden setting. Amenities include a fitness center, children nursery, Bank of China ATM, mountain biking and lake fishing. The meeting and conference facilities offer the latest advancements in equipment, along with the highest standards of professional services.

The hotel has recently opened a Traditional Chinese Medical Treatment Center. Here, people from all over the world can learn about and experience the magic of Traditional Chinese Therapy.

Resort Golden Palm is invested by Hainan Golden Palm Investment Co., Ltd. and managed by Sanya World Trade Center & Golden Palm Hospitality Service Corporation.

Resort Golden Palm is conveniently located just...

25 km. or 15 minutes drive to downtown Sanya City
40 km. or 30 minutes drive to the airport
58 seconds to walk to the beach

Resort Golden Palm Sanya / 三亚亚龙湾金棕榈度假酒店
Yalong Bay National Resort District / 亚龙湾国家旅游度假区
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