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Liqing Hotel at Longji Terrace
Address: Longji Terrace, Ping'an Village, Longsheng county,Guangxi/ 广西龙胜县平安乡龙脊梯田边

▲Brief Introduction

The longji riceterraces are about 2,5 hours outside Guilin. The area is beautiful all year around. You can do short walks or hike the whole day. Finish the day of with a massage, local food and a glass of two of the local brew. 

Liqing hotel was the first guesthouse in the area, opened in 1992. The hotel is run by a local family, two sisters, Yuan Li and Yuan Qing, thus LiQing, and there husbands, Keying and Yibeng. 

There are two new buildings now. Liqing 2 and Liqing 3.

Liqing 2
Beautiful views, nice sundeck, located on edge of village; 28 rooms

Liqing 3
Located in a quiet area in the village; 25 rooms

Rooms and service

All rooms with bathroom, western toilet
Airconditioning on request
Great views
Family rooms
Western breakfast
Local specialities
Chinese favourites
Western food
Filter coffe

Liqing Hotel at Longji Terrace / 龙脊丽晴饭店
Longji Terrace, Ping'an Village, Longsheng county,Guangxi/ 广西龙胜县平安乡龙脊梯田边
Tel: 0086-773-7583048
Fax: 0086-773-7583021

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