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Discovery Tour during Tibetan New Year Losar in Tongren and Xiahe 2011
Adventure Tour across Northern Tibet Qiangtang to Kailash
Trekking around Kailash
From Central Tibet to Everest Base Camp
Anhui White House Golf Club
Anhui Huangshan Pine Golf & Country Club
Anhui Hefei Zipeng Bay International Golf Club
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Baibi Village (5)
Beipanjiang Gorge (4)
Biasha Miao Village (5)
Red Thread Miao People in  Bijie (13)
White Long Horn Miao People in Bijie (3)
Magpie Miao People in Dafang (4)
Diping Wind-Rain Bridge (4)
Girl of Dong Minority (7)
Huangguoshu Waterfall (6)
Kaitun Terrace and Qiaotu Village of Shui Minority (4)
Langde Miao Village (4)
Siyin Miao Village in Liuzhi (8)
Maling River Valley (15)
Girl of Miao Minority (5)
Lusheng Facture in Paika (10)
Silver Decoration in Shidong (3)
Xiaohecun Village in Shidong (8)
Small Flower Miao People in Shuicheng (4)
Suoga Miao People (12)
Tianlong Tunbao Village (31)
Tianxingqiao Scenery Spot (10)
Wanfeng Lin (10 Thousand Peak Forest) (6)
Wangba Gejia Miao Village (7)
Caohai Lake in Weining (4)
Wuyanghe River (8)
Xiaba Damochong Valley (14)
Qianhu Miao Village in Xijiang (13)
Yintan Dong Village (15)
Zhaoxing Dong Village (11)
Zhenyuan Old Town (8)
Zhijin Cave (12)
Zuoqi Black Miao People (8)
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